Software Development Services

(it's what we do)

Helping hands

Our crew will help your crew to deliver.

Bespoke Solutions

We're super skilled at building custom software that will make a positive impact on your business.

Technical Leadership

You've got an idea, and we have the talent to build it.


A handful of examples of past and current projects.

Web Architecture

Caterpillar-Trimble Control Technologies

Implementation of an Angular web application framework suitable for tens of developers to work within.

Team augmentation

Trimble Navigation New Zealand

Providing skilled developers to work on C++, Java, Oracle, Angular and Android applications within the client's agile teams.

Bespoke application development

CCS Logistics

Ongoing design and development of the data analysis and reporting tool backing CCS Logistics's service offerings.

Interactive web maps

Loads of places!

With experience in applied GIS we've undertaken more than our share of web and mobile mapping implementations, from large SASS implementations to small mobile applications.

Camera control and image aquisition sotware

Infact / Eyewitness

Bespoke windows software to control a Canon SLR and capture image feeds as part of the Eyewitness product

Māori Land Visualisation Tool

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

A spatial information portal showing the suitability of maori land for horticulture activities.


Folks we love working with.

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